Learn how to handle client objections like “We can’t afford it” & “We thought this was free.” in this final installment of our 5 Real Reasons Why People Don’t Buy series. Listen to our overview in Episodes 03 and 04 and then take our deep dive in Episode 05 (No Trust, No Sale!), Episode 06 (People Always Buy What They Want!), and Episode 07 (Flash Sales & Black Friday Deals: Why do they work?) to get caught up!

The Cliff Notes

When new salespeople or agents in training are asked, “What is one of the most common objections people give for not moving forward with a purchase?”, price or affordability comes up a lot. While this may be a top answer by the uninitiated, or rookie salesperson, it is rarely the biggest reason and, in fact, is often the last or least given real objections or reasons for not purchasing.

All of the previously discussed reasons in the last 4 episodes carry a much bigger impact on the decision making process to purchase than money has or ever will. However, price and affordability are both definite variables and must be addressed before you can move forward and close a sale. How then do we proactively address this sensitive issue of money and finance so it is no longer an obstacle? Listen to find out the answer!


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