The 5 Strategies to Build a 7-Figure Agency with Marlin Faulkner (Ep.63)

This week we have a very special guest with us - someone who has overcome so much and grown a nationally successful team and he's not slowing down anytime soon. Listen to our incredible conversation with Marlin Faulkner and how he went from homeless and hopeless to hopeful and fulfilled. This episode is longer than most but packed with so many takeaways including some key strategies to growing your team. Listen to it as many times as needed and make sure to take notes! For episode notes and to connect with Marlin and our team on recruiting next steps, visit https://liapodcast.org/ep63 Read More

The Power of Events (Ep.62)

This week, the LIA team discusses one of the biggest investments you can make in your business for immediate, life changing results. Listen in as the guys return to the studio after being on the road teaching and speaking in Dallas, TX and share of their recent experiences and favorite takeaways. For episode notes and links to upcoming events with the LIA team, visit  https://liapodcast.org/ep62 Read More

How to Have a Record Sales Quarter (Ep.61)

It's the start of a new quarter and with the Kentucky Derby just around the corner, the guy's are challenging you to run for the roses! Learn 4 key ingredients to having a record sales quarter. Visit the show notes page for links to some of the books and courses the guys mentioned and to get in touch with us about coaching opportunities: https://liapodcast.org/ep61 Read More

Is Life Insurance Sales Really That Complicated?! (Ep.60)

Whether you're new to the industry or a seasoned agent, you should have a sales process that is simple to execute. However, many agents over-complicate this process and find themselves stuck at different points along the way. In this episode, we discuss how agents complicate their process and how you can simplify what you do to relieve the pressure and get more sales. For episode notes and agent resources, visit https://liapodcast.org/ep60 Read More

How to Start & Build an Insurance Sales Team with Nate Auffort (Ep.59)

Learn from a multi-time 7 figure earner on how he has repeatedly built massive, successful teams. These 3 principles on growing and building your team can be applied to you and your business today. To hear more of these great tips, attend the SWAT conference coming up with a special offer for LIA subscribers: http://swattraining.info/lia. For show notes and agent resources, visit https://liapodcast.org.ep59 Read More

3 Action Steps to Dramatically Grow Your Business (Ep.58)

In the age of growth hacking and life hacking, people are always trying to find the simple things to do to exponentially grow their business or impact their life. On this episode, Roger, Chris, & Austin each discuss an action step they believe will dramatically affect your business. For show notes and agent resources, visit https://liapodcast.org.ep58 Read More
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