Oh Crap! I Need Help

We have a unique episode this week as our team prepares and gathers for our annual conference. At this conference, we're releasing our new agent resource called the Oh Crap! I Need Help Guide! This unique, on-demand training is designed to put our coaches in your car to give you the training and pep talk you need when you face an obstacle that prevents you from getting the sale. To get this resource, visit https://liapodcast.org/ohcrap Read More

Your Assumptions Are Costing You Sales (Ep.52)

Agents can make many assumptions throughout their sales process. Some of these assumptions can make an agent money but some can cost agents tremendous amounts of sales. There's a lot at stake when you assume so listen in to this episode to learn where in the sale you should make assumptions and when you shouldn't! For show notes and agent resources, visit liapodcast.org/ep52 Read More

The Choices We Make & the Things We Overcome with Special Guest, Gary Keith (Ep.51)

We had the incredible opportunity to have author Gary Keith on this week's podcast to discuss how we as agents can overcome hardships in our business and in our life. Gary's story is powerful and the system he has created to change his circumstances has helped people across the nation. He drops so many gold nuggets throughout this episode. Read More

4 Steps To Launching Your Insurance Sales Career In 2021! (Ep.50)

With the start of the new year, it's common to hear of people changing careers or setting resolutions and goals. Some people are starting in a new opportunity in life insurance sales while others are looking to grow their business and profit this year after last year's craziness. In this episode, we talk about the 4 ways to achieve actual results and launch your best year yet. Visit https://liapodcast.org/ep50 for show notes, agent downloads, and more. Also, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see our new video version of the podcast: https://liapodcast.org/youtube. Read More
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