Massive Opportunities in the Health Insurance Market with Tony Ly (Ep.73)

On this episode, learn about the explosive growth that Tony Ly and his wife Magalie have had through a very niche market in the health insurance space. Tony shares some of the biggest opportunities for agents in life and health insurance sales. Tony and Magalie are talented, genuine, and powerful difference makers. To connect with Tony or get other show notes and agent resources, visit https://liapodcast.org/ep73. Read More

Why the Right Association is Crucial to Your Business (Ep.72)

It's easy to get so focused on your production and your personal business that you forget to lookup and see who's around you. Sometimes those people are pulling you down but hopefully they are pushing you forward. On this week's episode, the guys talk about the power of association and the impact it can have on the growth (or decline) of your business. Learn some best practices for associating with some practical takeaways and challenges to help you build a valuable circle of influence around you. Visit https://liapodcast.org/ep72 for show notes and agent resources. Read More

From Car Sales to Insurance Top Producer with Carol Wesley (Ep.71)

On this week's episode, we talk with top insurance producer Carol Wesley. Before insurance, she had a long, successful career in car sales. Listen to this great interview as Carol discusses what drew her to the insurance opportunity and how she's been able to be so successful. She also gives advice for the new agent as well as the struggling agent. Read More

5 Steps to Consistent Results in Insurance Sales (Ep.70)

There are two types of people on sales production leaderboards: the names you always see and the names you see once but rarely ever see again. On today's episode, we discuss why that is and the steps that you need to take so that you can see high production week-after-week and consistently be on the leaderboard. For show notes and agent resources, visit https://liapodcast.org/ep70. Read More

How to Master Medicare Sales with Medicare Guru Justin Brock (Ep.69)

We've spoken with many life insurance agents who have a desire to add medicare sales to their portfolio but are just too scared or don't know where to start. Luckily, there are other agents who have paved the way and mastered this field including this week's guest and Medicare Guru - Justin Brock. In today's episode, Justin shares the difference between Medicare and Medicaid, how to make the transition, and tips for growing a business that producers 6 figures of passive income after just a few years! For show notes and agent resources, visit https://liapodcast.org/ep69. Read More

Increase Your Premium by Peeling Back the Layers of Need (Ep.68)

Have you ever wondered why some agents consistently sell policies with higher face amounts? They have the same products, same leads, same geo, and same presentation but somehow, they just do better. The answer can be found in the same way that Shrek describes himself: Ogres are like onions - and so is developing need with your clients! How? They both have layers and you have to peel them back! In this episode, the guys discuss the different layers you should step your client through to develop need and value of the product so that they can get the most protection for their family at a price they can afford. For show notes and agent resources, visit https://liapodcast.org/ep68. Read More
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