Do people buy what they need or do people buy what they want? Today we discuss client need & the fine art of assisting the client to verbalize those things. “A need once verbalized (by the client) becomes a want!” Join us in this second installment of our deep dive series on the 5 Real Reasons Why People Don’t Buy.

The Cliff Notes

The real secret to success in sales is understanding how to uncover what people really want. Most salespeople assume that because someone has shown or expressed an interest in a product or service, all they have to do is present the features and benefits and price and they will get a sale. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Well that’s not always true. Sometimes it works… and that’s the problem. 

Most representatives or agents shortcut the system and have some success on what we refer to in the industry as “laydowns”. These laydown examples – if used as a model for their sales technique and approach – will cultivate bad habits that will result in their lifestyle turning into a “JOB” – just over broke. Then when they are not succeeding financially, they will blame the industry, the leads, the marketing group or agency that they’re with, the insurance carrier, or the clients. In reality, they are completely missing a fundamental understanding of sales psychology. 

They have not committed to learning the skill set, techniques, and processes that uncover a clients’ true need and desires that can be fulfilled by the features and benefits of their product and service. As it relates to the life insurance industry, the general need is extremely obvious, but when dealing with clients, these needs and wants are sometimes very unapparent. It takes time to learn the skill set and process to uncover them. Once an agent learns how to do this, they will make the life and career changing transition from being a life insurance salesperson to being a trusted and valued advisor. Simply put, a valued advisor always helps people get what they want.

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