There are two types of people on sales production leaderboards: the names you always see and the names you see once but rarely ever see again. On today’s episode, we discuss why that is and the steps that you need to take so that you can see high production week-after-week and consistently be on the leaderboard.

Show Notes

On today’s episode, you’ll hear all about consistency in your business, as well as 5 steps you can take to see results:

  • Team trumps talent [3:29]
  • How important is consistency for new agents and when does this get developed? [9:04]
  • 5 Steps for Consistency
    1. Keep your eye on your why [14:55]
    2. Prepare for your battle [17:36]
    3. Do the do (Go to work) [20:32]
      • revenue-generating activities [27:09]
    4. Ignore your feelings [34:50]
    5. Upgrade your skills [41:05]
  • Why are these 5 steps so important to becoming consistent? [49:02]




Next Steps:

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