“I will age in numbers, but I will never age mentally, emotionally. I’ll emotionally mature, but to remain young and to remain on the cutting edge of what you do, you have to embrace change and be a continuous learner.”
Carol Wesley, Life Insurance Academy Podcast Episode 71

On this week’s episode, we talk with top insurance producer Carol Wesley. Before insurance, she had a long, successful career in car sales. Despite her success, she still hit a glass ceiling where she wanted to do more and go further but her job didn’t allow her to. Listen to this great interview as Carol discusses what drew her to the insurance opportunity and how she’s been able to be so successful. She also gives advice for the new agent as well as the struggling agent.

Show Notes

Do you want to remain on the cutting edge of what you do? Be forever young! 

Insurance top producer Carol Wesley has reinvented herself four times, each with more success than the last one. How does she do it? She is a constant learner, making sure she is at the top of her game. 

“If you don’t have goals, how are you going to see what you accomplished or what you didn’t accomplish?”

Carol is a strong driving force for success in sales, and she shares many of her tips and lifestyle changes to reach your achievements. Listen in to hear Carol’s enthusiasm and caring nature that make her the success she is today!

“When you keep bringing your past into your present, it messes up your future.”
Carol Wesley, Life Insurance Academy Podcast Episode 71

On today’s episode, you’ll hear all about Carol Wesley, including:

  • Carol’s competitive nature and her perseverance [2:02]
  • Her 40-year career in sales and her initial introduction in this industry [4:37]
  • Carol’s shift from car sales to insurance sales [9:38]
  • Challenging yourself and becoming a lifelong learner [10:30]
  • Is it ever too late to switch careers? [13:38]
  • Carol’s commitment to the insurance industry and her student-first mentality [18:25]
  • “Everyone has worth and everyone matters.” [22:14]
  • The importance of goal setting [27:16]
  • Visually seeing your accomplishments and having a strong driving force for success [29:42]
  • The anxiety of starting fresh or switching your mindset for success [33:04]
  • What advice would Carol give to her younger self? [37:45]
  • Carol’s advice for the younger generation [39:14]
  • A Carol Wesley pep talk [40:20]
  • Stories of Carol’s monster days and having mental toughness [44:38]
  • “Early bird gets the worm. Second mouse gets the cheese.” [46:50]


Connect with Carol on LinkedIn or her agent profile page on Advance Team Financial

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