Every agent at one point in their career has challenges or setbacks that need solutions. One agent may have a bad sales week or get a series of chargebacks. Another agent starts their career with limited funds and cannot seem to get a sale. 

Their heart and mind races. Their workflow and finances are affected. They are concerned about the future and they begin to spiral mentally and emotionally. 

There is one important tool that can set things right, and it probably isn’t what most people think it is. 

The answer is using creativity to unlock the solutions to your biggest problems. Big problems demand big creative solutions.  The term creative has been synonymous with jobs like graphic designer, photographer, marketer, but not life insurance sales…right? Today’s guest Jon McCallon would disagree and would argue that ALL job titles utilize creativity even if they don’t realize it. In today’s episode, Roger Short and Chris Ball sit down with Jon and discuss how to infuse creativity into solving your biggest sales and business problems.

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