When we put the word out that we were doing an immersive telesales training event the response was overwhelming! We had so many agents who wanted to participate that we had to extend it into a second week! This week we continue our Life Insurance Telesales Training interviews with a new set of agents ranging in experience from newly licensed to seasoned veterans. Join us as Roger Short sits down with new agents Yusef Fowler and Thomas Nguyen as well as a Life Insurance Academy Podcast veteran Jonathan Henderson and discusses the benefit of learning in community. 

Discover how these agents conquered challenges, acquired new strategies, and drew inspiration from a supportive community. From overcoming objections to implementing effective scripts, there is a wealth of invaluable lessons and insights for anyone seeking to enter the dynamic world of life insurance. So, grab your notepad and pen, and brace yourself for an enlightening session with these exceptional agents, poised to make a profound impact in the telesales industry.

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