Welcome to another insightful episode of the Life Insurance Academy podcast! In today’s episode, we’re diving deep with industry legend, Mr. Chris Ball. Join us as we leave the golf course behind to talk shop and slice through some serious topics. 🎙️⛳

🔍 Today, Chris shares powerful lessons from our recent series, “Things I Wish I Knew,” where we explored key strategies for finding your niche and perfecting your process in the insurance industry. We’re unpacking all the questions agents are burning to ask and the discoveries that have shaped our journeys.

💡 Plus, Chris reveals personal insights that didn’t make it into the series—those “I wish I knew” moments that could change the game for newcomers and seasoned professionals alike. Whether you’re a new agent trying to navigate the unknown or a veteran seeking to refine your approach, this episode is packed with relatable stories and transformative advice.

🚀 From discussing the hypotheticals of time travel (hot tub machine, anyone?) to real-life strategies for excelling in insurance sales, we cover it all. Learn why “if someone else can do it, I can too” is more than just a motto—it’s a mindset that could redefine your career.

🎧 Tune in now to catch all the gems from this episode of the Life Insurance Academy podcast. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave your thoughts in the comments. We love hearing from you and helping our community grow stronger together!

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