The best way to start a great week is knowing that you have a great week ahead. For the Savy Producer Jason Richter, the secret is having an awesome appointment setter to fill his calendar with 40+ appointments to allow for the most opportunity to impact families. Listen in on this interview with Jason and his appointment setter Angie to learn about their process and how to hire your own effective appointment setter.

Listen to our previous podcast with Jason about how he sold $27,000 in Mortgage Protection over the phone IN ONE WEEK!

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Many agents feel like selling over the phone can be intimidating and with the investment in lead costs they feel like they cannot afford to take the risk of selling over the phone. The Mortgage Protection Telesales Mastery course is designed to help eliminate the fear of selling over the phone, help you become more confident and make more money.

In this course you will learn what you need to get started, how to call your prospects, how to schedule appointments, what to say during a presentation, how to present available options, and how to close the sale. This mortgage protection phone sales process allows you to present solutions to more people, close more sales, and get your life back, all from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

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