Agents can make many assumptions throughout their sales process. Some of these assumptions can make an agent money but some can cost agents tremendous amounts of sales. There’s a lot at stake when you assume so listen in to this episode to learn where in the sale you should make assumptions and when you shouldn’t!

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Show Notes

Agents Make Incorrect Assumptions About Leads

They make assumptions about their leads based on:

  • The type of leads
  • What the home looks like 
  • The age of the person on the lead card
  • The process of how they work their leads 

Agents Make Incorrect Assumptions About Their Prospects and Clients 

They assume their prospect or client:

  • Know what life insurance is 
  • Have had a good life insurance experience 
  • Know exactly why they sent in a request 
  • Trust them 
  • Know their budget 

Agents Should Make These Assumptions to Make More Money

You should assume that:

  • Your client wants information 
  • There is a need for life insurance – it probably is not obvious and you have to work for it 
  • After you connect and present to them, they will want you to help them
  • They have been waiting long enough to take action
  • You are going to fill out an application 

Assume the sale but do not ever assume that the client knows what is at stake.

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