Agents receive a plethora of objections, stalls, and lies at the door and throughout the sit. On today’s show, we dive into the lies that people tell us as life insurance agents, why they do it, and what you should do to move past and uncover the truth. Listen to the end to learn about an agent resource and exciting upcoming episode.

Freeze Statements and Smokescreen Worksheet

Oftentimes, the people we speak with will give us statements that cause us to freeze in our sales process. As agents, we must acknowledge there is some truth in what they say and an underlying logic behind these smokescreens and deflections.

Use this worksheet to think through these freeze statements. What is the logic behind what they are saying? How you can acknowledge the statement, addresses the situation, and assume forward motion? Review these statements & practice them regularly.

Show Notes

Show notes and downloadable agent resource coming soon…

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