This week we wrap up our Hot List of the BEST final expense telesales carriers, their products, app process, & underwriting profiles. Listen to learn which carriers these are, why you should have them and how you can add them right away to your arsenal of tools to serve clients.

Pro Tip: Having these carriers available to you will simplify your sales immediately! It will allow you to get more applications processed, issue more policies, cover more families, and put more money in your pocket.

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Show Notes

How are these carriers different than the ones we discussed in part 1?

The four carriers mentioned in this episode require agents to have internet access to complete the application. Part 1’s carriers can be taken over the phone or through an offline application.

In summary , what do we look for in telesales carriers?

Simplicity – easy to write an application without being face-to-face with the client. For more reasons, check out part 1.

Best Insurance Carriers for Telesales Part 2

Prosperity Life


  • Ages 50-80
  • New Vista Voice – $1,500 to $35,000 in coverage
  • Level / Graded/ Modified
  • Accept Direct Express Card

New Vista Voice Application

  • Half E-App & Half Voice App
  • Start with filling out the e-app via Apptical just like you would a paper app all the way until the signature portion where you will switch to a phone call
  • Phone call simply confirms a few things from the app and then submits the app with a voice signature and a point of sale decision over the phone.

Underwriting Profile

  • Standard underwriting similar to most carriers
  • Anything other than cigarettes are considered non-tobacco

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American Amicable / Occidental Life


  • Senior Choice Final Expense 50-85
  • Face Amounts
    • Immediate 
      • Ages 50-75 $2,500 – $35,000
      • Ages 76-85 $20,000
    • Graded and Modified/ROP
      • Ages 50-85 Max $20,000
  • Riders
    • No Cost
      • Terminal Illness and Confined Care
    • Optional Riders
      • ADB
      • Grandchild
      • CIA
      • Waiver Premium Nursing Home Care
  • Great tobacco rates 
  • Accepts occasional pipe and cigar 
  • True SS billing 
  • Ability to enter additional comments 
  • Great agent guides with prescription and health impairment indicators


  • E-Application
    • Very simple & easy
    • Email address required but only one e-signature at the end of the app
    • POS decision
    • As a reminder, the telephone interview will only be required if your client is age 71 or older and not found in the prescription databases or if the payor is other than the proposed insured, spouse, or child of the proposed insured.
  • Brand new voice signature now available
  • Call center accessible at any time

Underwriting Profile

  • Standard Underwriting
  • Really good smoker rates
  • Competitive rates as clients get holder

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Mutual of Omaha / United of Omaha


  • Ages 45-85 (Graded 45-80)
  • Living Promise Whole Life 
  • Level / Graded (Competitive Rates)
  • Up to $40,000 in coverage  (Graded $20,000)

Living Promise E-App

  • Totally online via agent portal
  • Uses iPipeline
  • Requires multiple electronic signatures throughout the process
  • Clients must have email address to send e-signatures to
  • Great for those proficient with technology but can be difficult otherwise

Underwriting profile

  • Standard underwriting with great pricing
  • Friendly with aneurysms that have been repaired

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Columbian Financial Group


  • Dignified Choice and Safeshield
  • Dignified Choice
    • Elite – level 
    • Select – level 
    • Advantage – 106% premium paid first 2 years 
    • Issue age 18-85 up to 35K face value


  • E-App through agent portal
  • No E-Signature – type in “telesale” for signature and then complete app over the phone
  • No POS decision but very friendly and accessible
  • Agent receives text notification with confirmation number
  • Accessible 24/7 for signature recording with provided script
  • CFG provides telesales procedure guide

Underwriting Profile

  • Standard underwriting
  • To qualify for the Elite product, the client must have seen a doctor in the last 5 years
    • Must provide doctor’s contact information
    • Doctor requirement could be a visit to the little clinic
  • Can explain dual purpose medications to underwriting

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E-App vs. Telephone App

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