Don’t discard a lead just because you can’t catch them at the door. Listen to this episode to learn how to master the phone and book more appointments with clients for guaranteed sits.

When working your life insurance business from a lead program, appointment setting is one of the most fundamental and key areas to master and the phone needs to become your friend. 

Most new salespeople and agents are uncomfortable with phone calls to set appointments because it may not feel natural to them. This is often because to be effective in this effort, there are components of the call to understand and execute from a sales psychology perspective. Great appointment setters have a Script or Call Model that they follow every time. They learn to master the key components of the most effective appointment setting techniques. 

Many agents complicate this process and reduce success rates dramatically by trying to put too much of themselves into the call, they begin to ad-lib, and some will even attempt to pre-qualify prospects from leads before even setting an appointment. As a result, they get into conversations, they find themselves answering questions and get turned away or put off more than not and miss many great opportunities to get the appointment and sit in the home and deliver a sales presentation. 

If you keep things Simple and stay with the Script, implement Call control and Stay on Purpose you will find you are able to maximize every lead and create more opportunities to get more quality sits or presentations with your prospects.

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